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    Speed Fence Safety

The Temporary Fence Crowd Barriers were developed to fulfill a specific need in the market, that is, to be used in a temporary situation as a way to demarcate or secure identified security areas. Each barrier is 2m long, and either 1.2m or 1.9m in height and is free standing. As such they are be moved by one person in an emergency. A particular advantage during sporting events is the ability to open large areas rapidly, in case of medical emergencies. The barriers are connected by a hook and eye connecting system that allows for 1 person to open the fencing rapidly, and allow large crowds to exit without incident.

These can be easily disconnected and the pivot legs moved to one side, allowing the panels to be dropped down and lie flat on the ground. This is especially important in cases of crowd-crushing. Our barriers are strong enough to hold a crowd under normal conditions but should a crush situation arise they will collapse with sufficient force, thus avoiding serious public injury.

Site Safety:

Our Company vehicles are easily identified by:

  • White paintwork with Speed Fence logo;
  • Flashing roof lights
  • Reflective boards and lights
  • All staff wear reflective clothing, jackets and sashes
  • We constantly liase with the event H&S officer in order to understand and meet their needs.
  • All staff are briefed on particular safety concerns on each event

These devices and training procedures have ensured an exemplary safety record.

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