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    Why Speed Fence?

Speed Fence employs a crew of trained and professional permanent staff members. We supplement our teams with local labour from the area during busy periods. This allows us an extremely efficient and speedy installation and removal time.


We have a co-operation agreement with our transporters which ensures timeous delivery of stock to site.

Trained Crews:

Our highly trained installation personnel are fully conversant with road closures and work procedures as such we have an exemplary safety record.

Supervised Teams:

Each crew is managed and supervised by a senior Speed Fence staff member who remains on site in order to monitor installation and prompt removal of barriers.


Each contract is individually pre-planned and this together with our years of practical experience assist us to foresee many of the problems that can occur during these events.

Constant Contact:

Supervisors are in contact with each other via walkie-talkies or cell phones, and are in constant contact with Head Office, our JOC, who in turn ensure a regular flow of information to the event JOC regarding our progress.

Crew Safety:

Each crew member is easily identifiable by high the visibility uniforms and headgear, safety boots and reflective bibs they wear.

Site Safety:

Safety devices are carried by crews at all times, that is, road cones, delineators, hazard tape, flashing roof lights and hazard lights and road signs. A qualified Health & Safety Officer for large events.

Fleet Support:

Where required, Crowd Control Barriers are delivered and removed with 18 metre flat deck trucks, supported by 8 ton trucks and bakkies. This is the optimum fleet required to ensure the prompt service levels referred to.

Speedy Service:

We pride ourselves with our quick, efficient installation with an even quicker clearance. Special attention is given to road closures as traffic needs to be cleared as quickly as possible. Our panels are removed back to the depots immediately and not left overnight due to theft.

Speed Fencing